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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Whatsapp 2 Most Awaited Trick

1st Trick For Create Fake Conversation 

This application is an application used to create fake conversations.

It can be used to joke with your friends making them believe you are actually chatting!

You can create fake conversations and edit every detail!

Once finished creating the fake conversation you can make a screenshot and send it to your friends...

Some features:

-Fake profile.

-Fake voice messages.

-Fake calls.

-Full new emoji support.

Seeing is believing.

Fake Chat Conversation App Click Here

2nd Trick Send Empty Text On Whatsapp

Send Empty text messages to your friends and family members through almost all messenger apps including default sms app. Empty Chat is very easy to use app you can make fun of your friends with multiple characters blank or empty text in chat. You can add multiple text with multiple characters options with which your text will be repeated as per character you select. 
You also have option of single line character with which your message or text will be very long and receiver will drag down and down which is quite interesting and funny.
Send blank or empty text from 1 to 10000 character space in your chat for fun and entertainment purpose.

Blank Text App Download Here

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