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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

RGB Animated Backlit Mechanical Keyboard + Emojis App Download

displaying out of the blue , Mechanical Keyboard for Android .Mechanical Keyboard offers you a full PC console understanding on your modest screen cell phone. This is a Standalone Keyboard application.

Zen of that Mechanical Clicks, RGB Breathing illuminated, LED lights, 3D rendered Graphics now for your telephone.


★ Simplified Customization

★ Dark Mode for Use in Night.

★ Click-Clack Sound Effect simply like Real Mechanical Keyboard. Dynamic Feedback reaction.

★ LED markers for CAPS,NUM,POWER.

★ RGB Backlit Effect

★ 16 Million Colors RGB Rainbow Wave Effect

★ Perfect Match for your Gaming Phones like Razer, Xiaomi ,Asus and so on.

★ Modifier Keys : Shift , Num lock for Symbols immediately open. Emphasis


★ Extra Large Keyboard in Landscape Mode and Tablets

★ Looks and Theme of a Traditional Old Mechanical Keyboard.

★ 3D Rendered Keys!! demonstrated from genuine Keycaps.

★ Traditional Keyboard Layout somewhat changed for Mobile use

★ Swift Key Typing Response.

★ One-Click Switch from Google Keyboard to and From .

★ Perfect for Writers , Web Coders , Bloggers, Cover Writers, English Purist, Programmers

of COBOL,PERL,Haskell,Assembly,Journalists, Literature ,Reviewers ,Analysts that need

unadulterated composition experience.

★ The Keyboard of the 70s, 80s, 90s. The days of yore are back. Pair it with your terminal

emulators and vim test systems.

★ Improve Your English Vocabulary and Spellings by turning word adjustments off.

★ Share it for Fun , Trick Your Friends ;- )

COMING SOON :- Cherry MX ,Blue,Brown,Red switches, More RGB impacts , More Language

Practical Mobile Mechanical Keyboard intends to bring that experience back. It is a kind of Mechanical Keyboard Simulator.

Keep in mind the Good days of yore or need to know past times worth remembering of Simple Typing were, The snap rattle of the key press that was supplanted by the Membrane quiet keypads. The challenge for the most intense typist. Your hold up is finished. Propelled from present day Custom Mechanical Keyboards and Model M.

App download Click Here

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